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They had been corresponding on a fairly regular basis, but since I was turning it into more than just a way for her to keep in touch with “Mi Mi,” I wanted to be sure that it ended up in my lesson plan book.

The actor explained on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show in January that the app helps him meet women, because many people think Stonestreet is gay in real life, like his character on the show.

“On Tinder, there’s a decent chance [of a date] but it’s all based on immediate physical attraction,” Stonestreet told the King of all Media.

Why you need it: You can finally combine your love of sex and bar graphs to improve your game between the sheets.

What it does: Kouply turns your relationship into a game by allowing you to send points to your partner every time they do something nice.

However, finding a penpal can be a little challenging. Fortunately, our Associate Editor at Cool Mom Picks happens to be a homeschool mom.

In fact, I’ve written about Christina aka The Fairly Odd Mother here quite often as she’s been a fantastic resource and support in my own homeschool journey.

And knowing that she had a daughter around my own daughter’s age with similar interests, I figured it might be fun for them to become penpals.

Now I realize that you don’t necessarily need your kid’s penpal to be a homeschooler.

Simple phrases like: “What did you do last weekend? Get Creative Even though you’re probably going to use this experience to address academic skills, it’s helpful to let your kids get creative about what they send.

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